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July 6, 2014


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I saw an ad about a recipe for Kimchi.

Oh, did that take my mind back to those days in Korea!  I don’t believe I was ever invited to a meal that Kimchi was not on the table.

I remember those first few days when I would see large earthen pots on porches, balconies of apartments, or beside the front door on the ground.  I soon got my education.

Kimchi is the traditional Korean dish . . . served at almost every meal.  It is napa (dark green, Chinese) cabbage . . . salted . . . and often with spices . . . and sometimes with cucumbers and radishes . . . and even with fish or shrimp on occasion.

Those ingredients . . . of course . . . primarily the cabbage . . . have been in those large pots for months.  It has fermented!  That is the secret to Kimchi — fermentation!

It is the national dish.  It is considered the basis of health and energy.  I cannot describe the taste, but unless it was spicy, I didn’t think it had a particular taste.  I do know that I expected it each meal and it was as routine to eat it as to take my vitamins!

I think my early days of “having to eat” my spinach prepared me for just such an experience.  You do remember my spinach story, don’t you?  Well, maybe not . . . it has been several years since I told it.  Perhaps I will share it again.

I did eat it each meal when served.  It was expected . . . and even if not, I would have eaten it out of love for my host family.  I am thankful for the experience of Kimchi . . . and especially thankful for those Korean friends.



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