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July 7, 2014

Old Men Dream Dreams

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Those with a Biblical knowledge may recognize the title as being part of Joel 2:28 from the Old Testament.  The last part of the verse reads: “Your old men will dream dreams,  your young men will see visions.” This is not a blog that gives commentary to that verse.  The prophet Joel was obviously referring especially to the future days that were ahead.  I simply want to spin-off those words to some revelations I have realized as I have gotten older. Think about the word dream.  We all experience them.  Usually we are thinking of a series of thoughts and images that occur during sleep.  More often than not, those thoughts and images reflect some event or experience in the past.  (Hold on to that thought of “the past.”) Now think about the word vision.  We consider a vision as something we anticipate could happen or what will or may come.  It can be a plan or strategy for the future.  (Now hold on to that thought of “the future.”) The prophet Joel spoke of old men dreaming.  For me in my time, this means that I am remembering, recalling, dreaming of the past.  I recall many older family members doing that.  My father was very good at it.  Some subject would come up, and he would immediately begin to recall days of his youth or experiences even as an adult.  He was dreaming of the past.  It was a joy to him to recall the past days. That’s where I find myself today!  So often in my mind, I dream of those early days.  Not dreaming to relive them, changing them, or trying to impress others.  It just seems natural.  (Just realized that blogging may be the expression of those dreams.) Too often I find myself telling stories to others.  They are not really interested, but they are kind and considerate.  I really understand now those “dreams” my father shared.  And here I am doing the same thing!  We older men find joy in sharing experiences of the past. But the prophet Joel said young men would have visions.  Visions are created in our imagination.  It is an activity, accomplishment, or plan we have.  It is an anticipation of what will or may come in the future. We all experience visions just as we do dreams.  We think toward the future.  It may be a goal we expect to reach.  It may be a plan to accomplish a certain task . . . and we think of the strategy of how this vision can become a reality.  It is important that we all have such visions.  Without a plan or goal, life would become stagnant. But here is where I find myself.  Does it have to be the way the prophet Joel indicated?  I may be the age to “dream dreams”, but I am not too old to have “visions.” To not have vision is to surrender tomorrow!  Aliveness . . . regardless of age . . . is to believe in tomorrow with hope, plans, and desire for accomplishment.  It may be a plan and hope to simply be alive enough to cut the grass . . . or to volunteer at a hospital . . . or to preach . . . or to plant a garden . . . or to take a trip . . . or to write a blog!  Only our mind can limit our vision! Most of all, know God oversees your life.  As long as you are on the earth, He has plans and a future for you.  “For I know the plans I have for you . . . plans to give you hope and a future.”  (Jeremiah 29:18) So . . . whatever your age . . . look back with those dreams, but don’t live there!  Look to the tomorrows with vision, goals, and commitment to accomplishments.  Get excited about your days ahead.  Your life will certainly be more enriched, and I believe more joyful. “‘So there is hope for your future,’ declares the Lord.”  (Jeremiah 31:17)  “There is surely a future hope for you.” (Proverbs 23:18) Lawson


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