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November 26, 2014

Shoes of Thanksgivng and Praise

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My heart was deeply moved when I witnessed a physical expression of thanksgiving deep in the bush country of Costa Rica.  I had arrived in that forsaken place to spend some time with Christians who had very little contact with the outside world.

When I arrived at the home of the couple who would host me for the day, I was welcomed and offered refreshments.  This consisted of warm juice from a green coconut.  I confess it was never one of my favorite drinks, but it was all this family could offer, and I was grateful for it after my hike through the jungle to visit their home.

I was to teach and preach to a small group of 12 or 13 people.  Some months earlier the host had become a Christian through a gospel tract that had been given him.  He had shared what he discovered with others, and several had come to know Christ through faith in Him.  They had invited me to come and aid them in becoming a congregation of believers.  They had constructed a small church — a meeting place.

As we shared our refreshments, a man arrived.  I was introduced to him, and he joined us with this fresca.  He then began to share his testimony of how he became a Christian.  He shared how his whole world was different now.  It seemed that every sentence began with a word of praise or thanksgiving to God.

As we talked, the wife in the home brought out a pair of shoes.  They looked new.  I was interested as the man began to put the shoes on, without socks.  This man lived in the mountains about two hours away.  He had walked that morning to attend the Bible study and worship service.

He had walked barefooted all his life.  He had never owned a pair of shoes.  But when he became a Christian, he felt that he needed to honor his Lord by not going into the small wooden church without shoes.  He had arranged to go into the city, and he bought a pair of shoes.  However, he would not wear them anywhere except from this home to the church building next door.  When the service was over, he would remove his shoes and leave them with this family until the next week.

His wearing these shoes was his outward expression of thanksgiving and praise that was so apparent in his heart.  Many might see this as a little strange, but I am convinced that each of us must have ways to express our heart of praise to God.  It is not enough to just have a thankful heart.  Something outwardly in our life should bear witness of our gratitude to God.  It may be in serving other people or in service through the church.  It may be verbal or it may be in a committed lifestyle.  We must express our thankfulness!

“Give thanks to the Lord . . . make known among the nations what he has done . . . tell of all his wonderful acts.”  (Psalm 105:1,2) 



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