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December 2, 2014

Stretching Toward 80

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(Today’s blog is a rerun.  You may be interested in the related blogs at the end of this one.  All these are preparation for tomorrow’s blog, Milestone.)

Recently I was in a conversation and I was asked how old I was.  I responded that I am stretching toward 80 years of age!  I accepted the compliment that I certainly did not seem to be this age.

Then one in the group asked, “How is it to be almost 80?”

I didn’t have much of a reply.  I simply responded, “Blessed!”

But I have thought on that question.  What is it like to be approaching 80 years of living?  Even though I am dogged with some medical problems and cannot do all the things physically I would like to do, I am so glad to be alive and engaged in so many things.

God has richly blessed me with such a full life: Blessed beyond measure with the wife God provided for me; strengthened with three marvelous children; and invigorated by my grandchildren!

The years have brought challenges and rewards.  Adventures and experiences are beyond relating in their entirety . . . although I have tried  through almost 600 blogs and four books.  But it is the forward look I have . . . not glancing into the rear-view mirror —  except to be thankful!

There is no period of my life that has not brought joy and fulfillment.Thus I have every reason to believe that 80 is only one of those markers toward my expectation to live to be 100 years old!

I know the coming years will show marks of deterioration . . . but I refuse to focus on that fact, or whine because the body and mind may continue to change.  I know reactions will continue to be slower, names more difficult to remember,  and my energy level will wane . . . but that does not mean I am “old.” I choose to focus on the positive and what I can do and experience.

It is all about attitude and spirit.  Many people get old before their time!  I treasure the spirit God has given me.  I just wish the body did not age faster that the spirit!

I thought of a couple of slogans perhaps I need to post along  my life’s roadway as a reminded of my coming days: “Let every day be a day that a new story begins.”  “Today is the day you waited for yesterday.”  “Live today as if there was no tomorrow.”

When we were young and someone asked about our age, we often responded, “I will be __”  We always wanted to move ahead a year.  There are many people my age that attempt to “hold” at a certain age.  Not me! God has promised good all the days of my life and I look forward to the fulfillment of those promises — promises that would not have fit my life in the forties or sixties!

Thanks for letting me talk to myself today!  Perhaps you can begin to look forward to your next birthday . . . remember you are not getting any younger, but you may find more joy with each year with a positive attitude and a confidence in your relationship with our Father God!

“For through me your days will be many, and years will be added to your life.”  (Proverbs 9:11)


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