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February 19, 2015

Bibles, Priest, and Rats

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I just read this Scripture, and I want to share it with you.  “And my God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.”  (Philippians 4:19)

Throughout my life God has been faithful to that promise.  One particular time stands out. We were students at the language institute in Costa Rica, and a request came from a priest in a small village for us to come and distribute Good News for Modern Man.  This translation of the New Testament had been endorsed by the Archdiocese of Central American.

As leader of the students, I recruited three others from different denominations. We rode the train to Sequirres and went to the  boarding house.  After settling in, we went to the home of the priest.  We were greeted by an older priest who indicated the regular priest was ill and had been taken to the hospital in San Jose.  When we explained why we were there, he told us we were not welcome in town and that we should leave.

However, we could not leave before the train would come the next morning.  We returned to the boarding house and we were told that we could not stay.   We soon realized that the priest had spread the word that we were not welcome.

As we walked looking for place where we might lodge, we were approached by a man . . . an  evangelical.  He told us they had a small church and few members and that  none could accomodate us.  He did invite us to stay in the church . .  . an abandoned railroad  shack for storing tools.  They had 5 or 6 benches and a table.  There was no light, water,  or bedding.  We could sleep on the benches and they  gave us some candles and matches.

After we got quiet. we heard strange noises. We lit a candle.  Rats! Rats!  Rats everywhere.   We decided to keep the candles lit and that we would take turns being awake.

Next morning we found ourselves without food or water.  There was a  knock at door and several members of church brought some food and water.  We would certainly have  enjoyed worshipping with them, but the train came early and was the only one back to the capital that day.

Now can you see God’s provisions?  He supplied . . . !

Friends, a place to stay, candles, food, water . . . .

God will meet our needs! That is the promise of the verse.  The emphasis is on our needs —  not necessarily our wants!

God doesn’t give us a blank check – not our wants . . . not finest of things.

I would have liked Holiday Inn, but He gave us a railroad shack.

I would have like some cookies and coke – He gave us water.

I would have liked electric lights — He provided a candle.

But God supplied our NEEDS!  And He always does!

We must be open to His supplies — what He sees is best for us to have.

God has confirmed He will meet our needs —  then let’s be confident that He will!  Let’s be thankful for His gifts, blessings, and supplies!

Let’s trust our Heavenly Father for our needs!








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