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May 4, 2015

Try Something New

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Watching a soccer game on television brought back some memories.

Soccer was not a sport known during my youth.  Once I saw it, I was fascinated by the game. I first saw it played by German prisoners when my Dad was stationed at Fort Knox, Kentucky, during World War II.  But I thought little more of it back at home.  No one I knew was playing soccer.  It was a foreign sport!  But in later years, in a foreign land, I got my opportunity!

At 36 years of age when we lived in Costa Rica, I took up the game of soccer — known as football there!  And it is truly a foot game!  But, at my age?  Attempting to play soccer?  Yes, along with a Chinese man who was in his early 30s.  All the others were much younger!

I have always been interested in new challenges.  This was indeed a challenge.  It was fun . . . and I felt I held my own pretty well, especially when I was the ‘old man’ of the group.

However, after a few games, my soccer career came to a halt.  You can read about the injury in a previous blog.  (  Though my playing of the game ended . . . I had the joy of trying something new.

I think that is important throughout our life.  We should always be open to trying something new, no matter our age.

Grandma Moses is a marvelous example.  A hard worker on the farm and raising a family, she still found time to embroider pictures and quilt objects.  She had an artistic eye and created scenes of landscapes and objects that reminded people of the simple life.

At the age of 76 she found that her arthritis was so bad that she could not continue with this hobby.  A family member suggested that she might try painting as it would perhaps not be as painful to hold the brush.  She had enjoyed painting as a child and decided to try painting scenery that she had embroidered in the past.

At the age of 78 she became serious in her painting . . . and the world knows she is among the most renowned artists.

She could have given up and decided she could do very little at her age, but no, she was ready to try something new.  And, oh, the joy she found in this new endeavor.

I repeat, I believe this is important throughout our life.  We should never stop learning or trying something new.  Has there been something where you have remarked, “I ought to try that?”  Then why not resolve to try it?  It is not too late!

You will find joy . . . you will be blessed . . . !



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  1. Now retired, I am trying my hand at writing (fiction). I pray that I am half as good as you are…but as you say…one must try something new. To be honest with you, I am having more fun going back to basic English/Grammar books and learning what I didn’t think important back in school. You continue to inspire me. Thank you!

    Comment by Leslie Eaves — May 4, 2015 @ 8:26 pm | Reply

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