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May 6, 2015

Good Comes From A Storm

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Our family has weathered many hurricanes.  Sometimes we evacuated.  Other times we rode out the storm.  We have spent weeks following hurricanes in cleaning up and repairing.  We have seen some things in the neighborhood change forever.  We have seen the devastation that comes.  I would need to think long and hard to find some good thing that has come from such severe storms.  Oh, it will bring neighbors  closer together as they work together to aid one another.  And then . . . many bugs and pests do not survive!

But let me lead your thinking toward personal storms that occur in our lives . . . sickness, financial loss, loss of a loved one or friend, divorce, a conflict on the job, at school,  with a neighbor, or even with a family member.

There are circumstances that come into our lives that are beyond our control.  We feel we are in the middle or a storm.  We struggle to survive, make sense of the situation, and even seek help sometimes.

All of us know such storms.  We wonder why.  We so expect heartbreak, defeat, and alteration to our life that we seldom see that some good can come from any storm.  I don’t take the storms lightly or want them to come, but each of us needs a perspective that something good may come from this storm.  Again, this is not wanting storms to come . . . but discovering that once through the storm, we are impacted by a positive that we may have never discovered.

I remember a story about a moth in laboratory.  As it was observed daily by a scientist, on a certain day he saw the cocoon shaking.  He realized that the moth was struggling to break out of the cocoon.  To aid the moth, the scientist made a small incision in the cocoon to make it easier for the moth to break out.

Soon the beautiful butterfly emerged.  As the butterfly was observed, the realization came that the butterfly could not fly.  After further research, it was learned that the butterfly could not fly because it had not developed the strength needed to fly.  The process of struggling to break out had been denied because of the incision that had been made.  For the butterfly, the struggle was necessary.

Many times we question why God will allow storms to come into our lives.  After all, if He truly loves us, why would He not spare us the struggles that storms bring into out lives?

I believe one of the worst things God could do would be to deliver us from all storms.  It is from such storms that we can learn so much . . . and become so much stronger to face the tomorrows and future storms.

I am convinced we are always better after we come through a storm,  We may come through scarred and deprived of some things or person, but yet there is something we personally gain.

Read in Scripture, Mark 6:45-52 and John 6:16-21 where the disciples were in a literal storm.  Think of your personal storm.  And realize the presence of Christ the Lord.  And when the storm passed the disciples discovered they were not alone . . . !  They saw the power of Christ . . . !  And they certainly learned much about themselves and their faith!

You can make it through your storm!  He is with you!  And you will know Him so much better and intimately when your storm passes over!



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