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May 9, 2015

Mother’s Influence

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BreakingHomeTiesRockwellI have always been a fan of Norman Rockwell.  In fact, in a previous home, we had Rockwell painting on the stairwell.

My all-time favorite is this painting entitled “Breaking Home Ties.”  You can sense the story.  The son is leaving for college.  The father has brought him to the train stop.  The family dog has even come to say good-bye.

One question.  Where is the mother?  You would  believe she would want to be there to say good-bye.  But perhaps there are other responsibilities she had.  Perhaps there were younger children that needed to be cared for at home.  Or perhaps she preferred to say her good-bye at home.

But there is a mother!  And she is visible here in the painting.  You need a larger image to see her presence.  What does the son have in his hands?  A larger image would reveal a white linen napkin.  And in that napkin is a snack or sandwich for the son as he travels.

Ok, the father could have prepared it!  But no . . . it had to be the mother.  Why?  Again, if you could see a larger image, you would see that a ribbon is wrapped around the napkin.  And the color?  It is pink!  Now, who, other than a mother would wrap a lunch in a pink ribbon?  I tell you only a mother!

Mothers are always there!   Their influence overshadows all others!  You have heard some of the expressions: “If you are to reform the world from its vice and errors, begin by enlisting mothers.”  “The hand that rocks cradle, rules the world.”  I don’t know where those statements come from, but they have been around all my life.

Lord Shaftesbury said, “Give me a generation of Christian mothers and I will undertake to change the whole face of society in twelve months.”

Mothers have no serious rivals in molding and shaping a child.  Consider the attention a mother gives to the physical welfare of a child.  That is what the mother in this painting was doing.  She was concerned about nourishment for the son as he travelled.

And mothers are the primary person in a child’s spiritual development.  Most children are in the faith today because of a mother.

All of this sums up why we honor mothers on a special day!  A father certainly gives support to the influence of the mother.  And every child is doubly blessed where both parents are partners in the influence.

But for this special day in May, let us praise and honor mothers!



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