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May 16, 2015

What A Car!

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You have probably seen the Presidential limousine on television . . . or perhaps in a parade you attended.  It is indeed a vehicle.  It should be . . . the cost new is 1.5 million dollars.

I have a friend who bought from the government one of the Presidential limousines when it was “retired.”  I can tell you it is like no other car!  Sitting in the backseat, you feel you are in a tank!  It has armor plating . . . and a radar system. This radar system, with a visual monitor, will warn you and identify someone walking up to the vehicle.  It has a night vision system and what is called ‘run-flat’ tires.

My friend’s limousine had been stripped of many things such as an advanced communication system and defense counter-measures —  which are classified, and I don’t know what they were.  Yet, I still felt so secure sitting in this vehicle.  I can only imagine the limousine of 2015.

I can tell you that the present President’s limousine has all these features of my friends, and much, much more.  Because of the world in which we live, much has been improved and added.  For instances, the armor plating is now 8 inches thick compared to 5 inches.  The bullet proof windows now have been increased to five-inches thick. The present vehicle is now even protected against biochemical attacks, with the trunk containing a blood bank of the President’s blood type, and an oxygen supply.

And there are yet other features that are classified.  It is understandable the cost of such a vehicle.  To say the least, I was overwhelmed with this limousine of several years ago.  And to know the additions added today leaves me almost without comprehension.

But why a blog about the Presidential limousine?  As I reflected on my friend’s car and the present Presidential limousine, I realized that such a safe and secure vehicle speaks of just that – safety, protection, and security.  And then suddenly I said to myself, “Isn’t that what all of us desire?

Yes, it is!  But we know that we may hide at times in such a limousine . . . or a bunker . . . or even hide our head under the covers believing that nothing will hurt us.  I guess you could attempt to live in such a limousine, but there are sufficient armor-of-war that can destroy the vehicle! All reasonable people know there is utterly no place on this earth where we can always and forever be free of harm.

But, oh, there is a place of such security! Yet, it is not on this earth! I can confidently say that I have a place where I will never have to fear or worry about being harmed.    There will come a day when the fears of this world will never exist for me.  And that place will be that heavenly home.  There will be no dangers there.  Peace and security will be mine in that eternal place.

It is wonderful to live with such a hope!   “ . . . put your hope in God.”  (1 Timothy 6:7)





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