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December 21, 2016

Don’t Miss Christmas

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There are some stories we hear and we never forget them.  One such is on my mind today.  I do not remember where I heard it or if it is true.  If someone recognizes the story, please know that I do not claim originality or that I would deliberately tell the story without giving proper credit.

The story is of a middle-aged, single man.  He had been a loyal employee of a bank for many years.  It was Christmas Eve and the bank closed early for a Christmas party.  The man, I will call him George, did not participate in the party as he was a loner.  Instead, he stayed at his desk inside the large bank vault where he continued to do his work.

Deeply involved in his labor, he was unaware that the party ended and the other employees had left.  He was aware, however, that the large steel door to the vault had closed.  The door was timed to close each evening at a certain time and then open the following day at a certain time.

When George discovered that the door had closed, he knew that he was trapped until the next morning.  However, he did not panic because he was aware of the electrical power within the vault that provided light and circulation of air.  He also knew that in his desk that was some snacks that he always kept available.

George passed the time by continuing to work.  At last when he was tired, he used his coat to make a pillow and he stretched out on the floor for some sleep.  The next morning he waited for the vault to open.  Then he realized that it was Christmas Day and the vault would not open nor would any employees be coming to work.  The bank was closed for Christmas!

George, being a patient man, simply succumbed to the realization that he would have to spent another day and night in the vault.  He resolved to that circumstance.  Though it was a long day, the hours passed and again he slept on the floor.

The next morning, the day after Christmas, the large door to the vault opened.  George, needing a shave and shower, walked out of the vault, through the bank, and went home.  As a single man, there was  no family to greet him or to have missed him during Christmas Day. He would rest some, shower and shave, and return to the bank for a day’s work.  No one had realized what had happened to George.

What had George missed?  He missed Christmas!  Oh, he missed a Christmas Day with family and friends, a day off from work, and all the joys and excitement of that special day.  But did he really miss Christmas?  How can we know what was in his heart.  He may, or he may not have, celebrated Christmas in that vault.  He could have, of course.  Celebrating Christmas is not dependent on where we are, what we have, or who we are with.  The celebration of Christmas is within our heart.

There are many people who will be with family and friends.  They will enjoy the exchange of gifts, a special meal, and excitement of a special day.  Yet, with all that, many will miss Christmas because they miss the Christ!  My prayer is that we will so focus on the genuine purpose of Christmas that we will know Christ in His reality as He comes into our lives.

Please don’t miss Christmas!



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