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December 24, 2016

Remarkable People

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Most of us experience times of chaos in our life.  We certainly do not desire it.  We choose comfort and order in our lives.  We constantly seek to control events and circumstances in order that I lives can enjoy each day.  But we will all admit that moments come when comfort and peace seems  all fall apart and we face hours,  days, or an extended period of  chaos.

At this season, have you thought about Mary and Joseph?  What a wonderful time it was for them.  They had fallen in love, become engaged, and looked forward to their wedding day.  As with all young couples, they surely had to be excited.  I would like to believe that their family and friends were rejoicing with them.

But then God moved into their lives.  You know the story.  The angel came to this young lady and announced that she was to become pregnant.  Her reaction was that it could not be because she was a virgin.  Yet, she did become pregnant through the power of God.

Imagine that day when she realized she was pregnant.  Oh, the thoughts she must have had!  “I cannot believe this!”  “How can I explain this to Joseph?”  “What will my family and friends say?”  “I will be an outcast!”  Suddenly her world of comfort has turned to chaos.  Her future is in jeopardy.  Life will never be the same for her.

Consider Joseph.  Mary tells him of the pregnancy and how it happened.  But Joseph did not believe her.  His heart is shattered.  Nothing like that happens without unfaithfulness.  He knows he cannot marry her now.  And even his life will never be the same.  His excitement for the future crumbles.  He just wants to disappear.  Yet, his deep love for Mary causes him not to expose what he considered  infidelity.  He sought to break the  engagement as quietly as possible.  Oh, how he longed for the comfortable life they had enjoyed.  Now all is chaotic.

How did they overcome all these feelings, thoughts, and the public array against them that would come?  They yielded to God.  Mary understood that God had chosen her for a special purpose, and regardless of the cost to her personally, she willingly submitted to what God wanted to do in her life.  “I am the Lord’s servant, may it be to me as you have said.”  (Luke 1:38)

And Joseph, likewise, accepted that God wanted him to be involved in what God wanted to do in the world.  He would accept the chaos and choose to marry Mary regardless of the cost to his reputation. God put it in his heart to trust God.  And he was willing.  ” . . . and he did what the angel of the Lord had commanded him and took Mary home as his wife.”  (Matthew 1:24)

Don’t you marvel at the faith and obedience of Mary and Joseph?  And a question behooves each of us.  Are we willing for chaos to come into our life if God wants to do something through us?  When God asks us to do something for Him, it can mean a change in friends, in location, job, activities, and a myriad of other things that might remove us from our comfortable life. God chose to use Mary and Joseph to be part of His eternal plan for the world.  Perhaps God is calling some of us to participate with Him in what He desires to do in our family, among our friends, or in the world.  Will we trust Him enough to obey, whatever the cost?

Seeking a gift to give the Lord Jesus on His Day?  Why not offer you life?



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