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January 2, 2017

Rescue at the Quarry

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In my book Protected, I share how God protects His own. There is not always a particular method that could be cited as how God protected us in a certain situation, yet we believe He did.  It may be through angels or simply that God is omniscient and omnipotent.

Let me share another occasion in my life where it could only have been the protected power of God that rescued me. As a boy in Stone Mountain there were not many places to go swimming.  There was McCurdy Hole behind the cemetery, but it was not a place to swim–only a place to get wet as you slid down the natural water slide as the creek poured down the granite outcropping into a large hole.  Then there was Yellow River–but not a good place to swim and a little too far to walk.  Of course, there was Pine Lake, but it was not open to the public.  You had to be a resident or a guest.  So swimming locations were few.

There was one special place however — around the mountain at the old, abandoned quarry.  The quarry had filled up over the years.  It was deep water, but there was one place for novice swimmers.  There was a ledge about 50 feet wide and about 3 feet deep before you got to the edge of the deep water.  At the edge of the deep water, resting on this ledge, was an old wooden overseer’s platform.

On a particular day when I was being diligent toward learning to swim, I mustered enough courage to attempt to swim off that shallow ledge and around that platform. As I began this courageous swim, I approached that platform and realized there was an old piece of timber that had fallen and required that I swim out further from that ledge to avoid it.

As I attempted to swim out and around that timber, something happened. I either got frightened, lost my courage, or lost the rhythm of my stroke.  Suddenly, I began to sink.  No, the best word is that I began to drown.  There was no doubt I was drowning.  I could not call for help nor could I regain my stroke.  I knew I was drowning.  I certainly could not save myself now that I had panicked.  None of my cousins or friends saw me.  No one was aware of my distress.

Yet there was One there at that moment! He knew exactly where I was and what I needed.  Suddenly, it was as if a hand reached out and caught me and pulled me to that ledge.  There was no one else there, and even when I was safe, the others still did not know what had happened to me.

I ask you. How did God do that?  Was it an angel?  Was it my Good Shepherd with His staff Who simply reached out and hooked me and drew me to safety?  You can explain it any way you choose.  But I am here today to say my God did it.  And I do not have to know how He did it!  I just know He did, and that is good enough for me.  And I will always be thankful and grateful for His rescue of me.

For those of us who live by faith, we know we are under God’s watchful eye and protection. Be thankful for His power and love over our lives.

The Lord will keep you from all harm–he will watch over your life; the Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.” (Psalm 121:7,8)



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