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January 17, 2017

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With the Billy Graham Team

Certainly no other preacher has been used around the world like Billy Graham.  This is not a blog to report or tell about the ministry of Billy Graham.  He is so well known that you as readers would probably know more than I about him.

I want to share a marvelous time in my life when I had the privilege to participate in the activities of the Billy Graham team.  It was 1970, Knoxville, TN.  It was an eight-day Billy Graham Crusade.  To say it was a lifetime opportunity would be an understatement.  Those days with the team in  preparing for the opening night, and then the day-by-day activities during the crusade, were days that marked my life.  I gained such spiritual insight and influence, as well as learned so much about organization and operation of such a large endeavor.

The night services were such a blessing, although so much of my attention was involved in the mechanics and responsibilities.  I was overwhelmed with the security that was necessary, even back in that year.  The follow-up on the morning after each evening service taught me the importance of evaluation.  Words cannot describe those days of discipline upon my life.  I learned much that has aided in my personal ministry.

I would have the privilege on several occasions following that time to be the instructor for the Life and Witness course that the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association required of counselors for crusades and the evangelistic movie crusades that were used in cities.  This certainly strengthened my concern for, and the training of, counselors in our churches.  There were many denominations represented among these, but our message and approach was specific.  The skills learned from this course and the preparation and teaching of the course profoundly affected my personal approach to witnessing and preparing a personal witnessing tool.

The association with this wonderful organization has contributed much to my life. I will always be grateful to this team and the opportunity I was given.  Again, I am thankful for those  God has used to teach and train me.

Yet, my life and our family have been touched by the Billy Graham Association in other ways.  Many of you may know of the special that Billy Graham did on our Jennifer.  You can see excerpts from the special at this website:   There is also an article about her from the Decision magazine produced by the association:

My story can be repeated probably by a multitude of people, but for this one person, the ministry of Billy Graham will carry on through a generation.



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