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March 11, 2017

Only One Life

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Serious reflection happens sometimes!  Amid a busy life, there seems to be times when reflecting on life takes over other thoughts and planning.  That occurred to me the other day.

Why such a time of looking back at your life?  It might have to do with some activity that you remember with great joy . . . or even a time of distress and danger.  For me, it may have been thinking about age and some limitations of  doing certain adventurous things.   After all, I am getting to that point in life when you “remember” many things!

What came to my mind — whatever I was doing and I cannot remember — was an old saying that has been around for a long time.  As a teenager, I first saw the saying in a store front window in Hiwassee, Georgia went I went into town for some camping supplies.  Those were not days when I was focused on living for Christ, but the plaque caught my attention and the words invaded my heart.  I have never forgotten that day or the words I read.  They were from Lelete Dotson, career missionary to Nigeria.  I even remember that years later my mother had a small plaque with the words.  Only one life to live . . .  it will soon be past.  Only what is done for Christ will last.

Now I have a life with tons of memories.  If you have read my blogs over the past years, you would agree that I have lived a very exciting, rewarding, and adventurous life.  From dangerous times flying,  adventures in dugout canoes, first white man in an area,  confrontation with a witch doctor, climbing volcanoes, isolated and stranded on an island, guest in the White House, etc. —  I could not have planned my life better.  I did have plans, or course, but I am glad a greater Planner had plans for  me!

As I remembered such a wonderful life, I was struck with an evaluation in light of that old saying.  I truly began to weigh so much that I have experienced, and I wondered if it had any eternal significance.  I want to believe that much has, but has much of it been for my pleasure and satisfaction?  Even though so much was under the umbrella of Christian commitment — did I honor Christ in all of it, or was I so caught up in the activity or adventure that it will be judged one day by Him as works that will not last through eternity?

I know that it can be unwise sometimes to expose oneself, but I am willing to be transparent in the hope that others might begin to measure what they do in life.  Pleasure now is only temporary.  Joy can be fleeting.  Life in this world will soon be over.  It is eternity in which we will live with all that matters and brings reward.

Consider those words.  Reflect as I did.  You may find your life strengthen and blessed.  I know that it has helped adjust some of my priorities!

“Only one life to live . . .  it will soon be past.  Only what is done for Christ will last.”



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